GR5255 NPP Slavgas
GR5255 NPP Slavgas



NIKKI 29B001-B0





GR5255 gas injector


The GR5255 injector is designed in accordance with R-110 regulations to supply gas with factory pressure and has the same fuel delivery characteristics as the original NIKKI 29B001-B0 injector. This allows you to replace even one faulty injector out of four and continue to operate the vehicle in normal mode. The injector is installed in a specialized adapter and is attached with two M6 screws. Injector connection requires to use a Bosch type connector, which is supplied.

GR5255 NPP Slavgas


Well-tried technology

Adapter for the GR5255 gas injector

This adapter allows using the GR5255 injector, created on the basis of the well-proven GR1000 - GR2000 series injectors, instead of the standard NIKKI 29B001-B0 injector. This solution allows us to reduce the cost of production and offer the buyer a reliable gas injector. The adapter is installed in the base installation location.

GR5255 NPP Slavgas

Multi-level protection

Manufacturer's warranties

We use a set of design solutions in GR5255 injectors, to ensure that the injector is working correctly even under conditions of contaminated fuel. The long-term operation of the GR series injectors has shown high resistance to pollution, including the possible presence of methanol and compressor oil in the motor fuel composition. The maximum response pressure of the injector is more than 9 atm, which ensures good engine start and maintains engine performance even with high wear of the pressure reducer-regulator. The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the injector for 6 months of operation without mileage limitation or 8 months from the date of shipment.

GR5255 NPP Slavgas

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