GR5270R NPP Slavgas
GR5270R NPP Slavgas





7 V



GR5270R gas injector

Similar to A9060780449

GR5270R gas injector is the equivalent of the standard gas injector A9060780449 for the OM906LAG engine. It may be installed in a regular place, connected with a standard connector. We have tried to develop a gas injector that is better than the regular one in terms of reliability, but more affordable. We guarantee the correct work of the injector for 6 months of operation without mileage limitation or 8 months from the date of shipment (full warranty conditions in the supply agreement).



Exact match to the original

The GR5270R injector was developed in close cooperation with automobile depots. The injection characteristics of the GR5270R injector exactly correspond to the characteristics of the original A9060780449 injector. The installation of our injector does not require the ECU reprogramming. This approach allows the engine to operate in the modes set by the manufacturer and guarantees reliable operation.



Technology excellence

The GR5270R injector has it's own replaceable filter element. GR5270R consumes less current than the original A9060780449, creating less load on the on-board circuit and engine ECU. The GR5270R injector maximum response pressure under the standard control signal is 10 bar. It allows the injector to remain operational even with a poorly functioning pressure regulator.

Extreme adaptability

Low temperature operation

The minimum trigger voltage of the GR5270R injector is 7V. So at low temperatures or with a discharged battery, the engine has good starting properties.

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