Central Injection

Central injection of gas fuel NPP Slavgas
Central injection of gas fuel NPP Slavgas



¼ -18NPTF or M18x1,5




Gas injection rail

Central Injection

Rails are developed in versions for 2, 4, or 6 gas injectors. The strategy of central gas injection in many cases is optimal for a gas-powered diesel engine or a single-fuel gas engine with spark ignition.


High adaptivity

Native control system, vast range of flow rate

The developed injector/rail complex allows you to create a large number of combinations that are suitable for a specific task. You may choose injectors with different resistance (2.0 Ohm / 7.0 Ohm / 10.0 Ohm) and gas flow rate and rail housings with different numbers of sockets. So it is possible to solve the problem of the engine conversion to the gas fuel on vehicles with different onboard voltage (12V / 24V / 56V) and with control electronics which has different numbers of executive keys. Our rail can be equipped with a pressure and gas temperature sensors. On one side, it has ¼ -18NPTF thread for a SENSATA type sensor, on the other side, M18x1,5.


Service and warranty

Injectors are maintenance-free. The injector is based on the technology of minimal (less than 0.2 mm) locking element movement. Thanks to the used design and technological solutions, all injector components involved in dosing experience significantly fewer shock loads. This allows the rail to last for more than 150 thousand km. Guaranteed lifetime for our injectors without any changes in the operating characteristics - 6 months with no mileage limit.

Wide dosing range

Injectors mean everything ... or almost everything

Due to the wide range of GR1000-2000 injectors flow rates, it is possible to provide almost any gas flow rate through the central injection rail in the range from 5mm³ per cycle to 120m³ per hour. The range of working pressure is from 2.0 to 4.0 Bar. Such a wide range of flow rates allows to use the gas fuel in almost any type of transport, including diesel locomotives and ships, as well as powering a gas-electric generator from an external gas line with a standard pressure from 3.0 to 6.0 Bar. This rail can be used for dosing various gases: propane-butane (LPG), compressed methane (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), synthesis gas, hydrogen

Rail variety


Resistance, Ohm


2 / 7 / 10

Voltage, V


12 / 24

Maximum Pressure, bar



Working Pressure, bar


0,5 - 4,0

Minimal voltage, V


6 / 13 / 14

Full performance at 3 atm, m³


26 - 100

Minimal cycle performance, cm³



Minimal working impulse ar 3 atm / 24 V, ms


2,2 - 2,4

Temperature sensor thread


¼ -18NPTF or M18x1,5

Custom solutions

Rail for your needs

We have many years of experience in making custom gas injector solutions for customer requirements. If none of our stock injectors suits you, contact us and we will try to find a custom solution for your needs.

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